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Hello! My name is Traci Akers, I am verrrrrry happily married to Tom Akers. He is the greatest, and has taken this past year to really study and practice photography too. SO, he shoots with me now and he is so good at getting different angles and working around me. So it is really fun because we work together so well, and he is so handy he actually makes a lot of my props out of wood for the baby sessions or whatever we think of! Tom not only makes them but then he moves them and hauls them around for me! Truly a VIP!!! I have been taking photos professionally since 2006. I am very passionate about photography and really enjoy capturing moments and telling stories with photos. I'm a people person, and very easy going....I love being creative, and thinking outside of the box.( And Tom does too! :)

I spend a lot of time after each photo session editing photos using Lightroom as well as Photo Shop.  I recently dropped down to part time as a nail tech at Christina and Co so that I can dedicate more time to my greatest passion. And I couldn't be more excited about it!!!

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